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hello, I have been reading messages on this site for a while trying to make a decision about nursing. I just applied to a couple schools for the lpn program at lancaster tech, hanover public school and 2 other schools in NJ. i looked at hohokus but it was too expensive. so im scheduled to take the NET test soon. I have decides to go for my CNA to make money while at school. I am going to apply to fair acres geriatric center in Mongomery county, PA for the CNA paid training. but here are my questions how much does fair acres pay while in the training and after? if i already have some credits such as the psych classes from 6 years ago do have to retake them? I am living in NYC but will be relocating to PA next month any advice?

lastly ive read many of you who suggest to start learning medical terminology and websites or books to get me started? thanks in advance.

p.s i learned about all these shools and info from above on here so thank you. and I am a mother of 2 married.

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I graduated from Hanover LPN program in 2000. I think that no matter where you go it is a big commitment. It could be helpful to do medical technology, but I entered the program without any medical background and did just fine. The key to any nursing program is focus and dedication. HACC also has an LPN and RN program you could look into - I graduated last May with my RN. Most of your prerequisites will transfer into HACC. You don't need any prereqs with Hanover b/c it is a diploma program and doesn't use credits. I don't know anything about Fair Acres - but check into the tuition reimbursement program for any requirements or restrictions they may have. PM me if you have any further questions.

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