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Hypothetical Gerd Patient Idea.. uncreative today

Hi everyone,

I have started a paper on gerd consisting of the description of the disease, the effects, goals I need to carry out, expected and realized evaluation in my nursing care for them.

I am just looking for some ideas for a hypothetical patient with gerd and maybe other potential complicating disease contributing to it with meds.

We literally just lectured on this disease yesterday and I haven't seen a client with gerd. I need to incorporate my goals that I carry out for them.

I have no problem with that section. I feeling a bit stressed and uncreated. Could somone give me an idea for my "hypothetical" client in the hospital.

I would greatly appreciate it.. this paper is due Friday and would love to finish it today...



As someone, me, who lives with GERD, I can tell you some things I had to learn to do to make my life a lot easier.

1. I had to learn to eat smaller meals, several times a day. For me one trigger was having a really full stomach. Eating smaller meals several times a day cuts that down greatly.

2. I had to learn to not eat ANYTHING at LEAST 2 hours prior to going to bed.

3. I had to learn to stay sitting up for 30-45 minutes after eating, the longer the better.

4. I had to learn what foods triggered harsher responses from my stomach and esophagus, especially and unfortunately chocolate was my worst enemy, along with peppermint and a lot of caffeinated drinks.

5. I raised the head of my bed 6 inches to promote what acid did come back, to stay lower in my esophagus. Being woken up feeling like you are drowning and your throats on fire is NOT pleasant.

6. I work very closely with my GI doc., so that I do not end up with long term esophagus problems.

7. Finally, the hardest was learning to be responsible and take my meds on time, as directed. I am NO pill person, I despise taking meds.

Hope this helps you get some ideas as to what people like me learn to do to live with this.

GOOD LUCK!:yeah:

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