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Husson University FNP Program

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Are there any Husson FNP students or graduates out there? I just did a last-minute application and got accepted as a non-degree-seeking student so I could get started now and join the Fall 2018 cohort as an official grad student. I actually heard about the program on this site through an obscure thread I found while looking at another school. The post was talking about Husson having more meat (less "fluff") than most other programs. That seems to be true from what I have learned online. There's even a cadaver lab as part of one of the on-campus intensives! But I do feel like I'm going in blind and unprepared since this happened so fast as I was trying to get in a program under the wire of VA benefit requirements. So I was hoping I could hear from some people who are currently in the program or recently graduated. Thanks!


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I have also been accepted to Husson's Online FNP program, but the Aug 2019 cohort. So, I may also start taking FNP courses in Jan '19 as a non degree grad student. As the congrats letter states, financial aid may not cover the non degree semester. How did being a non degree student work out? Did fin aid cover? Was it bad being out of sequence?

Being that I am local, Husson does have a positive and strong nursing reputation in Maine. I have talked to previous Husson grads and they have only positive things to say about the FNP program. I would be proud to be a Husson Graduate, I have no worries about the education I will receive...

I am currently attending Husson RN to BSN Online program. I love the instructors and class sizes are small.

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