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Hunter Pre nursing

by EPGR EPGR (New) New Pre-Student

Hi Guys,

I am currently a student at Hunter I applied to the nursing program feeling a bit discouraged. I GPA for my pre reqs is 3.8 but I got a 122 on the pre entrance exam. 122 is like 78th percentile. I’m feeling discouraged as I read other threads and everyone else seems to get in with a 135+. Is there anyone that has gotten in the nursing program at Hunter with my kind of scores? 😞

I've heard that people with 4.0 with 120 got in, and even people with lower than 120 got in before.

Oh WOW! that makes me feel better. I think we get results this week I’m feeling anxious.

On 5/11/2020 at 3:20 AM, EPGR said:

Oh WOW!! that makes me feel better. I think we get results this week I’m feeling anxious.

Have you heard anything?

I emailed Maria yesterday and she told me we hear back mid June.

Does anyone know how and where to transfer our Spring grades? should we transfer them to nursingcas like last time?

Hey so how was it? Did you get in? I am interested in the nursing program too, but im a bit weary in taking general chem and organic chem at the same time.

I was actually accepted into the program even though I had a B in gen Chem AND orgo(Chemistry is obviously not my thing). I was just lazy when it came to those classes but if you study and try to grasp the content you will be fine!

WOW! really?! Im going to take Chem 100 and 101 which are both general chem, Stat 100 and Physics. Right now I have a 3.7 but I will definitely work hard to maintain it and get higher. Im so relieved you said this, thanks!

Also I was in one of the Hunter Bellevue Info sessions and they told me if I wanted to prep for the NLN Exam I shouldn't get the out-dated RN Pre-entrance exam book(red and black book). I was wondering what you did to study because Im out of ideas.