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Humber RPN September 2015

jperri jperri (New) New

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if anyone here will be starting the RPN program at Humber this September. It would be nice to get in touch with some future classmates.

Hey! I'm also starting this fall at the north campus. I'm excited and scared at the same time ahaha

Hey! I'm also going to be joining you this fall at Humber North. September couldn't come faster! :) Soon I'll start updating my immunization record and register for a First Aid & CPR course. When do we have to take the Mask Fit test and the ASIST class, does anyone know?

Hey! Nice to finally meet someone on the same page as me :) It says we need everything by Nov 1st. But make sure your criminal record check is done after October. The rest you can do it whenever as long as its all ready by November.

Great, so we have lots of time! Thanks :]]

Hey, does your MyHumber still say your missing your test?

Oh yes, there's been no change in the "Applicant" section since January.

Hi do you know what vaccines we need for our immunization. I would love to get a head start for September!

Hi Ninja26, Just wondering I was reading on the website and it says our police record check has to be issued after October 2015 and everything needs to be done by November 1 2015. But it also says that it can take 8-12 weeks to process the record check. How are we supposed to get this on time?

Hi guys, I will also be attending rpn program at humber college this september. Looking forward to meeting you all. I'm assuming all of you have received the new email regarding the community service learning hours. What do you guys think of this? it would have been nice to have received the email earlier so that we could complete the hours during the summer. For me personally, going to school full time and wanting to work part time it is going to be difficult to get those 128 hours in.

What agencies have you guys been looking at?

Hey hnstudent, you have to check how long it takes for the region you live in and apply accordingly.

If you start your volunteer hours in September, you will have 8 months until the end of April to complete them. That's roughly 16 hours per month - I think it's manageable :p I'll start sending out my application this week. I was planning on giving myself a 2 weeks break from work before school started, but I guess that's not happening anymore :D

P.S I'll apply to The Salvation Army, Red Cross and a local soup kitchen in Brampton.

Hey I think we should be able to finish 128 hours on time even if you start applying in September. I'm planning on starting next week :)

Have you guys registered for your classes? How are your timings?

hey I just finished registering and it says I have a conflict with courses when I see the weekly schedule. did you have this too? and do you have a class at 7am?

hey I just finished registering and it says I have a conflict with courses when I see the weekly schedule. did you have this too? and do you have a class at 7am?

Hi Ninja26,

The class conflict is for Anatomy classes it will. That is because Lab and tutorial are on the same day at the same time and it will just alternate. The reason I know this is I already took anatomy to lighten my load in September. Just go to the classroom indicated on your schedule and they will explain on the first day of class.

I also have a 7:00 am class on Friday Practical Nursing Practice. Hopefully we are in the same class! :)