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Is anyone out there a Humana Cares Nurse Case Manager? I am in the midst of interviews and would like some advice on a few things....thank you!!


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I am currently a care manager!


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ianursey, i'm in the interview process for humana for care manager from home. i was wondering if i could get some insight as to what you think about it. thanks


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I'm a care manager for Humana and absolutely love it. ☺☺:-)


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I love's great getting to work in the community and I make as much as I did working in a nursing home but I get to be home with my family instead of working 40 hours a week. It is no hands on skills though, so the only thing I'm worried about is losing my skills. I am currently in school online for my BSN and it works great with this job.


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Just had my Humana Cares Case manager interview today and I was told the web cam interview is next week. they also said I would know about 2 hrs later if I got the position or not. can anyone explain how their second interview went and how a typical day is. are we micromanaged do I have to log off to use the bathroom or lunch. its not a [COLOR=#1c7dff]call center its [COLOR=#1c7dff]work from home but you never know thanks.


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From my understanding, the micromanagement is in accordance with which agency you work for or if your and IC...anyone ever worked in the field for an agency? If so which one

The requirements are set by Humana and enforced by both your agency & Humana. This is a challenging job, one that is sometimes difficult to explain to outsiders. My difficulty is in trying to work this as a part time gig, along with my full time job. Sometimes it's hard to devote the right amount of time to both & I feel pulled in several directions at once (kinda like when my kids were little). It's very enjoyable & challenging at the same time.