Huge gap after graduation, what to do to keep license current?


Hello. I have many questions. I didn't know where to start, excuse me if I'm not in the right section...

I graduated 2 years ago, nursing has not been in my mind most of the time, due to stressors and a lot of personal things had happened. I am now getting better and want to know what I need to do after basically disappearing for 2 years... I am in NY/NJ but the section is really inactive.., my license says it expires in 2017 but I've heard you still have to keep at it. How will it look like to employers when I apply for jobs? I am applying at the moment. What do I say? I've heard of CE, how do I start that? Do I need a refresher course? Money is an issue for me...any help, please, I'd really appreciate it, sorry if I seem all muddled..

What do you do to keep your license current? And where are you from?..


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What you have to do to make your license current is totally up to your BON. I'm a little surprised that your license is good for (apparently) 4 years. I'm in Indiana and renew every 2 years.

Go go onto the BON website for your state and see how many and what kind of CEU's you need to catch up. Unfortunately, it's a really tough job market for new nurses right now. Being an "old" new grad may make it tougher for you to find a position.