$48/hr for Assistant RN Manager for Wound Care Department in Tacoma, WA. Fair?


I'm being offered $48/hr wound care assistant nurse manager in Tacoma, WA; full time with benefits. I'm currently a Charge RN for my outpatient wound care clinic in Los Angeles, CA and getting paid $52/hr. I've been in wound care for 3 years but an RN for 8 years. Since I don't have my wound care certification, they will pay for my WOCN. I'm trying to factor cost of living in Tacoma. Is this a good offer?

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Your new salary adjusted for COL is at least as much or even more than what is it in LA. COL is lower in Tacoma than even Seattle, plus there's no state income tax in Washington state.

This cost of living comparison calculator backs up my assumption: Cost of living: How far will my salary go in another city? - CNNMoney

Annual income in LA at $52/hr is apprx $105,000. According to the calculator, a comparable salary in Tacoma would be $79,000. $48/hr is apprx $99,000 annually. You're actually ending up a lot better off after COL is factored in.


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