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I have been accepted into a DNP program with Psychiatric Mental Health concentration. I am attempting to go into the military, specifically the Army. I am trying to get accepted into the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP). On the Army website, it says PMHNP students qualify for this option. However, my recruiter insists that it is only available to FNPs. Which when initially speaking to the recruiter back last October they said it was not available to any DNP students. Instead they are recommending I do the STRAP program, which would then put me in the Reserves after graduation. I really would prefer to be active duty. I understand that the military's needs change from a year to year basis. So I was wondering if that has something to do with it? Does anyone have information on PMHNP in the military, specifically about utilizing the HPSP. I just want to know the best route. Below I attached the link that states the HPSP is available to PMHNP students. Thanks!



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The recruiter would have the most accurate information regarding incentives. They change even from one fiscal year to another. If you think you are receiving inaccurate information, you can try calling another recruiting station.

Worst case scenario: You take on the student loans. You can then apply for an Active Duty commission as a Psych NP and maybe qualify for the loan repayment program. I am not sure how many slots are needed for that AOC, but again, this changes each FY depending on needs of the Army. Your recruiter would have access to that number.

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