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Hows my PICO question looking?

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Hi everyone.

I am a recent BSN graduate, and I am actually taking a couple of graduate courses this semester while I am working full time in a cardiovascular ICU.

Anyways, one of my classes is nursing research at the graduate level. Of course, we need to write a research paper utlizing, if possible, a problem within our own area of work to research. Here is my PICO question:

"In postoperative cardiac surgery patients, how does a structured approach to pain medication administration, compared to unstructured or intermittent pain medication administration, affect postoperative pain control in the cardiovascular intensive care unit patient population?"

I have no concerns about utlizing the topic of pain control in the post operative cardiac patient because there is a ton of research out there to reference. Likewise, my units would likely benefit from implementation of something new for pain control in the postoperative cardiac surgery patient. Anyways, I have been looking it over and over trying to make it better. It just doesn't seem quite right, but I can't seem to figure out how to make it better. Any suggestions? Or is it just fine as it is?

Thanks everyone!

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I would figure that if you take away the "or intermittent pain medication administration" variable. You can find more information on your topic and article. Also making less work on yourself ;)

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