Howdy Everyone!

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Hi Everyone!

Let me begin by introducing myself (this is my 1st official post:hatparty: ). I am an undergrad at Baylor University, but my hometown is Austin. I am currently on a leave of absence from school due to a medical condition, but I should recover and be able to return to school by Spring 2005. I have been inspired to be a nurse b/c of the nurses I encountered at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children where I am a patient at(I may have even met some of you!). My question for you all if don't mind answering is that I want to apply to the BU School of Nursing in the Fall of 2005. My current gpa is 3.4, do I even have a shot of getting accepted? Is there any current Baylor students who could give me some advice? I hope everyone is have a wonderful day and I look forward to your reponses!


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