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Last year there were several negative posts regarding Wolford college. I am still going to apply there for spring 2010 and was wondering how things are going now? Are the classes big to the point of having a negative impact on your education? Are the clinical sites substantial enough to support the students? Do current students regret or appreciate being able to go to CRNA school here? If accepted I will be moving from TX and have many questions.



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Hello Claymor,

I'm currently a student at Wolford College in the second semester of the program. I can't tell you much about the clinical sites or rotations because I'm still in the didactic portion of the program. I'll answer a few of your questions though.

My class had 54 students. There was a point where my class of 54 and the class ahead of us (51 students) had to sit in the classroom together for certain classes. It was a bit crowded, but the school has resolved that issue by splitting the classes beginning this Fall. The clinical sites are substantial to support the students (from what I hear so far). The PD and administration are always looking to find more clinical sites (it's always a work in a progress). I'll be doing my clinical rotation in Tampa (beginning Feb. 2010). So far, there are three main clinical sites (Tampa, Naples and Davenport).

Hopefully this may have helped you a little bit. I too moved from TX and so far have no regrets! Let me know if I can help you answer any other questions..


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Thanks for the reply! I have many questions. Would you mind sharing your interview and application experience? Not everything, just the basics like: your gpa, gre, nursing experience, and how you went about your interview process (did you fly there? Phone interview? etc..)

I'm coming from Tyler, you?

Did you apply at the Ft. Worth schools first?

How has your experience been during the didactics so far? Lecture and test Qs on the same page or do you feel there is intenional "weeding out" going on?

Do most of your class mates seem happy with the program? Many drop out or been dropped out yet?

What's Naples like? Rent?

Are you married? Kids? For your Tampa clinicals, will you be re-locating there?

Again, thank you so much for taking your time to answer my questions. I'll try to stop there :typing


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I am currently a student at FHCHS, in Orlando Florida. I wanted to encourage you to look at our school. We have classes of 20-22 students and AWESOME clinicals. We have dedicated rotations, you never have to "fight" for your numbers. You get an entire month of open heart, neuro, etc....

I work with some Wolford grads during clinicals, they did tell me at some of their cinical sites they have to "share" a case with another student. I am not sure if it's still that way, but that would be a big downfall.

Good luck with your admission/decision.



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Hi Mary,

I was reading your post and I am really interested in getting into the program at FHCHS. I am in the middle of pre-requisites, transferring from FIU... I am really concerned about the entrance... and since you are in the program, could you tell me a little about the admissions process.. what program you are doing, and if you think is a good idea to begin my LPN, then get into the ASN??

Sorry for the questions...but I am kind of confused and eager to begin as soon as possible!!!



mmbmoc, what made u choose tampa? I just got accepted to wolford and I have about a week to decide where to do clinicals. Does Tampa have better opportunities for experience? Do you have to travel to naples once a month to take a test? Also, I heard the days were longer with less days off in Tampa. I really would like to stay in Naples, but I don't know how the experience will compare as far as clinicals. Which site is the best and why??

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