How well rounded of a candidate should I be?

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I was just just wondering how well-rounded should I be if I wanted the chance to work in an ICU setting as a new-grad nurse.



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I think being well rounded no matter what is useful no matter what your trying to get into. When I was interviewing for my New Grad ICU position the manager was more interested in me as a person then what my resume said. She pointed out that 99% of new grads resumes looked the same. Sell them on why you want to work in critical care. Why should the hospital invest in you over all the other applicants. I expressed my nerd like love for patho, learning new skills and understanding that I will never stop learning as an ICU nurse. 



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Not exactly clear on what you're asking. Well rounded as in your nursing experiences? Your personal interests? Your life experiences and skills? There are many aspects that potential employers will evaluate when looking at candidates. As a new grad your ability to be well rounded in the realm of nursing is limited by the clinical experiences you had while in school. Unless you've had additional employment in healthcare facilities while working towards your nursing degree. I wouldn't worry too much about being well -rounded, just prepare yourself for an interview where you will express your interest in critical care and why you think you would be a good fit. You can find a job in ICU as a new grad, although you may be geographically restricted. Find a hospital with a strong orientation programs for new grads to help maximize your potential for success. Good luck!