How does UTA calculate science gpa when I have repeated a course three times?

U.S.A. Texas


I am interested in applying for UTA's BSN program when I have completed all my pre-reqs but something has really been bothering me. I have taken A&P 1 three times. The first time was five years ago, and I made a C. The second time I made an F because I didn't study hardly enough and had some family issues at home. I REALLY regret that grade. But THIS time, I just finished the class with an A. How will they factor all these different grades when calculating my science GPA? Will they just take the highest one? I sure hope so.... I'm just scared that this will haunt me forever and keep me from getting into any nursing program :-/ Also, what if I got a "W" in microbiology but an "A" the second time around? How will this affect me? I wasn't sure how they would calculate this in my GPA either.

They go with the highest grade. Don't stress.

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