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  1. I respond to posts.......

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      Never. I'm a "lurker" and only read posts.
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      When the title grabs me.
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      When I think I can contribute an organized thought to the topic.
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      Out of courtesy to someone that responds to mine.
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      Only to someone that I percieve as being in my peer group.

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Just curious about what makes someone motivated to post on the board.

I have been posting for some time. I used to post under the screen name Hypoxic Pixel Eyes, but changed it after I moved from Texas to Maryland, and had forgotten my logon information and changing ISP's.

I decided to use something I had created from a post titled "what would your name be if you were a porno star" that was created by rileycat in the "off topic" section.( it's too should go check it out!).

Anyhoo, after posting what I think is something that should draw some responses I get nothing. For instance

I find myself going back to other posts to edit them so I can free up space on the board(this board is excellent, and we should all do our part to keep it running smoothly). I realize that topic is a little dry, but it was intended that way to make it simple to respond to, with very little effort.

So here is a simple poll that even the lurkers can participate in.


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I've just recently discovered these boards. I've been on the internet long enought to know proper nettiquite, yet I was compelled to jump right into posting here without the usual lurker period. I guess I feel I found some kindred spirits.

My answer was (I think)

C: I usually post when I feel I have something to contribute.

But sometimes I post just to acknowlege something someone has said, positive or negative.

I find myself reading the political faction of this board a lot. I am enjoying the articles that are frequently posted there. At this time, I am only a student, but I can clearly see the benefits of being informed.

See ya later!


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