How did u prepare for the NCLEX?

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I am a rising senior in a BSN program. I would like any recommendations on ways to prepare for the NCLEX-- courses, software, books? The pros and cons of any? All suggestions and insight would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Camille! I took and passed my boards in January of this year. One of the most important things to remember is that when you complete nursing school you already know all the info you need to pass boards. I found computerized practice tests to be very helpful. I downloaded 4 different programs on my computer with practice tests. Network with people in your class and share your software. I found it helpful to look for reoccuring themes and ideas and focus on those. Remeber that 80% of first time NCLEX takers pass boards the first time, so chances are you will too. Best of luck to you and welcome to nursing. ;)


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I liked the Saunders reviews because they gave a rationale for ALL the answers. For instance, ans C was incorrect BECAUSE....

that was extremely helpful to me and de-mystified a lot of critical thinking problems in a clear way. Good luck! :D


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I took a 2 week prep course (K****N), but I feel like the most helpful part was the CD that was included. It had over 1000 Q's with rationales for correct and incorrect answers. I already had many other CD's with practice questions, but this one was more like NCLEX than any I encountered.


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i got a goodnights sleep, did not review or staudy at all, i went to a good program and felt if i don't know it now after 4 yrs the little time i had to study would do me no good , i took test one week after graduation 75 questions in under 45 minutes, passed first time round. good luck!


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I am preparing to take the NCLEX as well. I like the Kaplan book

because it gives strategies for answering the questions. I also have the Springhouse CD it has over 3000 questions.

Hi, I just graduated and in my last year I started using Mosby's NClex review to study for the exams and it helped me out a lot. My grades were the best they had ever been this whole year. So study from an NCLEX book with your coinciding chapters for class. It WORKS. Good luck to ya!!!


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Thank you so much for all your advice!!!!!!!!


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I just took and passed the test a few weeks ago. I studied using the HESI book and did about 1000 ?'s. Honestly no amount of studying would have maid abit of difference in the outcome. The only thing it did was make me more confident as I walk in, but not as I walked out! You will be fine!


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That's all I hear from people who have taken the NCLEX recently- that no amount of studying would have made a difference in the outcome.. I take mine this Friday, July 19th!! I've been reviewing a few topics, just b/c it'd be impossible for me NOT to look over certain things- that's just the way I am :) Congrats on passing! I hope I'm as lucky as you are!


congrats on making it to your senior year. However, my advice to you is to not worry about the NCLEX right now. Trust me, when you get closer to graduation and actually taking the NCLEX, you'll have PLEN-TY of time to stress... so for now, "enjoy" school- you'll learn what you need to know for the NCLEX as you finish up classes ;)

~ Stacey


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hi!can anyone give me a link as to where i can download some softwares or free nclex questionnaires or anything helpful in my ncLex preparation....pretty please huhuhuhu....i need some advice on how to prepare my ncLex exam.... heLP!!:crying2:


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buy nclex 311 book, ;-) i used one and passed!

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