How do u clean the scope taken out from the pt's mouth (which has to be reinserted).

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Hi! We did banding the other day and my colleague who inserted the multiband ligator cleaned /wiped the scope with a detergent (neo-disher diluted in water) and never rinsed it with alcohol.

The doctor never seemed to mind too. I just can't imagine what have happened to the patient since the scope was reinserted without being rinsed.

How do you clean the scopes which is to be reinserted again for banding or sclero therapy? Or if patient isn't properly prepared for sigmoidoscopy, i.e. enema has to be repeated to clean the bowel?

Do u change scopes?



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Hmmm....we DON'T clean it--assuming it is going back into the same patient!! Our scope table is clean where we put the bander on (the scope was just lying there BEFORE we put it in the pts mouth). We use clean gloves and the bander is new and supposed to be clean (if not sterile).

My question is: Why are you cleaning the scope at all? Are you putting it somewhere 'contaminiated'?

Note: I would not put a scope covered in soap into a patients mouth. And I would NEVER put a scope covered in alcohol into a pts esophagus--unless you PLAN to sclerose it!! If you feel compelled to "clean" the scope, I would suggest sterile water.


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We don't clean it either, if it's going to be reinserted into the same patient.

We rarely reinsert it, though. Once in a great while after a dilatation. The MD passes it to me, I hold it, he does the dil, I pass it back, he reinserts, etc.

Amy :)

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This is really interesting !! I know zilch about gastro enterology procedures !! What is ""banding"" for??


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I'm also curious as to why you would be cleaning it before resinserting it? Do you clean your fork between bites?

Passing thru: "banding" is placing small rubber bands around esophageal varices via an endoscope.


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Thanks for the replies. Well, we're just wiping out the secretions from the scope for easy handling. But i think a dry gauze will be enough? I havent discussed this issue with them:(

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