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How things have changed in travel nursing


I was out of travel nursing for 13 years. I used to check a couple of websites that had extensive listings, then I would contact the (usually) one agency that had a listing I liked.

At one point I had six active licenses.

Fast forward to 2019. INDEED tries to monopolize the Google searches. You can tell if a facility is desperate because they will be listed with as many as 6 or 8 different agencies.

Here are a couple of things about looking for a placement that make me want to scream...

Facilities that brag that they are part of the LARGEST, BEST, MOST COMPREHENSIVE etc. medical groups in the country. Invariably, the biggest networks have the worst reviews. "Only care about money" "Dangerous" "Severely understaffed" "Management doesn't care about line staff" are common remarks.

Agencies that start job descriptions with glowing reviews of neat things to do in the area.

Just tell me about the job! I'd rather take a good job in Duluth that work in a death trap in Malibu. Then they spend two or three paragraphs with generic, meaningless job duties.

OK, enough venting. How do you search for a travel psych RN position?