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How to Survive and Maybe Even Love Nursing School

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i just read this book by kelli s. dunham, and it gave a lot of very helpful information. just thought i would pass this info along.

one of my favorite tips:


s is for survey. survey or preview the chapter, that is, read the introduction, vocabulary list, objectives, chapter subheadings, picture and graph titles, summary, and end-of-chapter questions to get an idea of what the chapter is about.

q is for questioning. what does the author seem to want me to learn here? what do i think i can learn here? why is? what is?

r is for read. as you read the chapter, underline, take notes, make check marks at the important points ---whatever your style is. do this in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed so that you can concentrate.

r is for review. review and reread the objectives and summary.

r is for recite. answer the questions at the end of chapter, and write down major points of the chapter so that you and your study partner can quiz each other.

please note:

survey, question, and read are most effectively done together on one night, with review and recite done later in the week. you don't need to do this with whole chapters; you can do it with short bites of material as well.

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I just ordered this book online a couple days ago. I'm glad to hear you're satisfied with it. Thanks for the tip!

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