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How to study for the TEAS

zmahamad zmahamad (New) New

Hello everyone,

i just took my Teas 6 exam this morning and I got a 73.3%.😔 My school requires at least a 78%. I felt good taking the test, but my science score was the lowest, which I think ultimately brought down my score. Does anyone have any advice on how to study for the exam, resources that you used to help you study, etc?

I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you so much! 😊

Hi Zahra!! (We have the same name >.

I actually didn't score any higher than you (got a 77 with my lowest score being Eng usage). My science score was what brought it down though bc I was taking A&PII at the time and knew nearly NOTHING about the cardiovascular system, genitourinary, digestive etc. Anyway, I am currently using my feedback from ATI to study as well as some old TEAS practice books off amazon (they're cheaper than getting the TEAS 6 versions). I would personally depend on the McGraw Hill or ATI books with a few exceptions in other companies. Don't sweat it though & just review your trouble areas. I am scheduled to take my exam at the end of January & only just started to seriously review.

Start with science since you didn't do as well (I think science, ironically, is a trouble area for most people including myself haha)! Then move onto your next worst subject while periodically reviewing the science and so on and so forth. I'm sure other people have better advice and sources you could use. Good luck!

Hi Zara!

Thank you so much for all the useful information. I plan on retaking the exam in the next few months. I appreciate all your advice and I do plan on working on science the most since it was my lowest section.

Good luck to you too! í ½í¸Š


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