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How to study

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Help please! I am currently in my first semester of Nursing school at BPCC & I'm at a loss as to what i need to study. There is loads of information from lots of different resources so I guess I just dont know where to start. I took my first test in Adult Nursing and passed with a 76! That's the lowest grade I could make without failing! Any insight from ya'll would be greatly appreciated.

When I was in Nursing school I actually made a study calendar and binded my chapters from books based on the syllabus. I also used youtube and Saunders. I also did a ton of practice questions based on a specific topic in my class.

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I'm not in nursing school yet, but one of the things that has always helped me with school and studying is to plan out in advance what needs to be done. I keep a calendar with important dates on it, and make a to-do list in the front of the my note-book for each class, listing all assignments - required and optional, quizzes, exams, extra credit, outside resources I want to study, etc. I then break them into columns (example: required assignments in one, exams in another, reading in another) and start organizing into rows by deadlines. If it is something that doesn't have a deadline (example: reading) I'll either see when the information would be most beneficial to learn by (ex: test 1 covers chapters 1-6) or by spacing out the work (I need to read 700 pages by week 4) and break it into manageable chunks, I usually make one row for each week. This gives me manageable amounts of work to do each week, has upcoming deadlines highlighted right in front of me, and helps me to prioritize items (always tackle require items before optional and extra credit). I can also at a glance see that while 1 week isn't very busy then next week has a large assignment and exam and get started on those early. I'm a very visual person so this is the best method I've found for me to stay organized.

Thanks y'all! I will definitely try those out. My biggest problem is staying focused & motivated to actually read the information. I have good intentions then I sit down to study and my mind drifts off and I feel like I've accomplished nothing. I'm going to add my study time, assignments, etc in my planner now & stick to it. I really appreciate the advice because before now I could cram 2 days before & make an A! I'm quickly learning that's not how it is in nursing school & I want to retain the information for the long haul.

yup that's definitely true. I know what you mean, I also realize I spend an hour daydreaming when I should be studying. I actually put my phone on airplane mode find a spot where no one recognizes (In a park or a starbucks somewhere or a public library). I actually bought noise-cancelling headphones and they really helped me! It took some getting used to but I can now stay on one spot and study.