How do students make ends meet during nursing school



I am a pre nursing student. I am almost done with my pre reqs to apply to nursing school. I am going back and forth if I should push my application process back. I know being in nursing school it is very hard for many to work full-time. I am currently working full time right now as a CNA. I want to push it back due to my car payment, insurance, gas, phone bill, etc. I know it's possible to work part time in nursing school, but I don't think that would be much income either way cutting hours down. Has anyone worked full time while pursing RN? My mother is a single mother so I don't want to ask her to pay my bills. Is there any other way to get income, other jobs?

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I work full time and it is a challenge but if you have good time management skill's it can be done.

What about clinicals? Is it still doable? I heard that you're in class going full time 2-3 days a weeks plus 2 12 hour clinicals every week. I'm not sure how true this is? I'm a CNA, and the hospital I work at only offers 12's so I'm wondering if it's still possible with all this going on.


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Our community college ADN program was one 8 hour clinical a week, 3 hours of lecture (all at once) and a 3 hour lab, for first semester. There would have been time to work full time. Maybe other programs are different though.