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I've been in school a little over two years now and I've been pretty focused about keeping my eyes on the prize but now that I'm getting so close to applying for the actual nursing program it's like I'm getting cold feet. Maybe I need to get myself back on my workout routine or something but Nursing is what I've always wanted to do. Maybe it's the fear of getting my ADN and not being able to find employment but after I get my ADN, I will be looking into an ADN to BSN program. Any suggestions about what works for you and how your getting through it. Also different study methods on how to remember stuff from A&P would help too. Comments & Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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Let me start out by saying that a certain level of nervousness is natural and completely normal when undertaking something new, especially something as challenging as nursing school. As far as overcoming that nervousness or fear, what works for me is to remind myself why I decided to become a nurse. Try writing it down and then tape it to your bedroom or bathroom mirror or anywhere you can look at it and read it everyday. You should also get yourself back into a workout routine. Taking time out for yourself will be good for you. I workout 3-4 times per week and it helps to clear my mind, because I'm not thinking about anything but the next rep, the next set and the next excercise. Now, as for study methods and how to remember stuff; repetiton, go over lecture notes and get into a good study group with your classmates and quiz one another. That's what works for me. I hope this helps.

Best of luck!


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I know EXACTLY what you mean I too have been in school the past two yrs and I'm just about ready to start applying for nursing ease my nervousness I focus on the semester I'm currently in and try to make the best grades I can..just take it a semester at a time...once u are a licensed nurse then focus on the job aspects...why worry about the problems of tomorrow when there are enough of them today...that helps me

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I have already applied and am having a hard time focusing on the end of the semester. I feel like if I had my acceptance letter, it would be so much easier to finish these last 3 weeks. Don't worry the time will be here before you know it and then it will be a race to the end.


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I think the big thing is that other people finished/found jobs, so you can too. Therefore NS is hard, but not THAT hard, and the job prospects are not as plentiful as we all would like but they are certainly out there.


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Thanks guys! I'm trying to take it a day at a time and i'm glad y'all (you all sry im from Texas lol) understand. Guess i just need some reassurance sometimes to keep me motivated. Some of my family and peers didn't go to college so they don't quite understand what it takes to get through this. I'm sure alot of ppl doubt me since I have two little ones n am making alot of sacrifices but that def keeps me pushing myself to limits i never have. Thanks again for the encouragement! I will be thankful to make it through the other side! :nurse:


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I stay motivated in all my classes by trying to score the highest on all tests and quizzes. And if I do not happen to score the highest, I try harder the next time. I have managed to convince myself that anything less than a 90 is failure and this has worked for the last 7 semesters.


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That's awesome! My gpa isn't a 4.0 but a 3.45 isn't too bad for someone who isn't a traditional student juggling multiple tasks..Keep up the great work though!

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