How to Start or How to Pick Out a Successful Group Chat/Group Meet

Have study groups helped you with your pre-reqs?

In the span of pre-reqs , you will likely run into a student or two who either created or wants to join a group meet! This article will give tips in what to look for and how to build a successful study group.


Have study groups helped you with your pre-reqs?

Group meets are an exciting and potentially successful way for a class to socialize, connect on events revolving around a certain class, and share material that can help classmates succeed in class. For those looking to join a group meet or start a group meeting, you’re in the right place! Here are my experiences on failed group meets, the successful group meets, and the tips I can give out to ensure you’re not headed for failure.

The Failed Group Meet Experiences

In my first attempt at AP1, a group meeting was started by this girl who wasn’t the most academically inclined or nicest. She was somewhat of a generic mean girl. I heard about the group by ear and decided, hey, I might join. After one of the “followers” let me in and some nasty looks from the generic mean girl clique, I was in, for like two hours before leaving. It was a flop. There was confusion everywhere, only two people knew what was going on, and it was a popularity circle. Although I dropped, a few people got a chuckle that everyone in this group failed miserably. I dodged a bullet, well, sort of, for the time being.

Another hilarious attempt was during my English class in the Fall! Our class had this girl who talked more than the teacher, and she constantly talked over him and, for some reason, had it out for others in the class. Have you not? On the week before our class ended, she decided to create a group chat because she didn’t understand what the teacher wanted, and he was hard to reach. It was hilarious because no one joined!


1- Know what you’re doing

The key part of starting a group meet is to know what you’re doing. That means if you’re going to start a group meet, it’s recommended you’re on top of your stuff (not saying academically, but know the syllabus, the due dates, quiz dates, test dates, etc.). I’m just going to be blunt, you don’t want the dumb leading the dumb. I'm not saying that anyone is, but in this scenario, it was dumb to get people together, and they didn’t know what was going on.

2- Leave the popularity food chain mentality in high school

The other reason this group failed was that it was operated on a “I like them" and, “I don’t like them” type of system. When you’re in prereqs, It’s best to leave this mentality alone once you get into prereqs. This is speaking for the individual you and not them. When starting group meets or study groups in person or through an app, it welcomes the whole class.

3- If starting a group meet, PLEASE create the group during the first two weeks of class

This makes it easier for the people joining the group to know what’s going on. Do not wait until the end to keep people informed.

4- Watch out for ulterior motives

This could range from using people to trying to flirt with someone (yes I've heard about it trying to seduce someone actually happening)! If you feel there is a motive it's best to just leave.

Successful Experience

The best group that I can say I’ve ever been in during pre-reqs was in my Microbiology class during the Fall! The person who started the group was literally the most positive, most professional, and the smartest person I have come across, and the people in the group were a joy to be around.  This person made the group meet accessible to everyone, people chipped in to help and encourage each other, and hey, some margaritas and food were thrown in after every test! When it came to this group meet, I enjoyed coming to class because overall, I can say it was a positive experience!

1- Have good leadership skills

I don’t want to give away much about this person, but this person had very strong leadership skills!  This person took charge and wasn’t the typical leader but chilled and laid back!

2- Teach each other and learn from each other

No one person has the answers, but it’s always best to go to someone who does. In this group meeting, questions were brimming, and there was always someone to answer them! Alongside this the group often studied, which was beneficial as well!

3- Lend a helping hand

When one is nervous or maybe in need of a scantron ... if you have the means to help someone, do so! Assisting in the group was very prevalent!


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