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How soon can I travel?

edpwns edpwns (New) New

I started my career in August of 2012 and worked in a progressive care unit until this last December when I moved to the CVICU. I was just wondering how much experience in CV do I need before I should travel?

Are you taking fresh hearts (probably not)? I would recommend 2 full years in CVICU and you will command better assignments at higher pay and be more comfortable with your skills. You can always check with a few agencies about the possibilities now.

I'm definitely thinking at least til April or May of next year, I was just wondering if a year out of orientation would be adequate.

Adequate? Not much of a goal. While everyone learns at different rates, you are working with elites. If you travel to a new hospital without really good experience, will you be able to keep up? At this stage, there is no way to even know what you don't know. Ever seen a fresh heart crashing? Do what you like, but it sounds like a recipe for failure even if you do find a hospital willing to take you as a traveler.