How to set up a trauma unit/room? and setup the policy for trauma nurse in the ER?


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Im a nurse in the Emergency room in one of the public hospitals in the Philippines. Right now, our ED has no Trauma room or unit wherein critical trauma patients can be addressed. the situation now is that if there would be critical trauma patients that would come in then they would be managed at the main surgical area of ER.

I am one of the persons tasked to make the guidelines, protocols, setup, area, policies, rules and regulations and everything and all under the sun that has to do with setting up the trauma of our ED. In short, i will become one of the first trauma nurses in the hospital! Right now, in my research, I am very confused where to start. :confused: Can anyone please give any idea on what I should do and how to start? We are only given a short time to do this before we give our presentation. The setting up of the trauma unit is already under way so what is lacking are the guidelines and protocol. Any help would be greatly appreciated. this would also help me finish my master's degree.


PS Mind you our ED has very little bed capacity. there is a designated room already where we can put a trauma room. change of floor plan may be a lil problem but is possible.

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I'm a Trauma Program Manager, previously an ER nurse...setting up trauma policies and protocols is a big part of what I do and would be happy to help in any way. Shands hospital (not where I work) actually posts all of their trauma policies/protocols online and is a great resource if you're just getting started...huge wealth of is:


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anyone have michigan info


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good day!!! i apologize for replying this late... the trauma program in my hosp has been quite shelved for a time but however this year probably the program will be revisited... i have seen the guidelines you suggested and they are very good... i showed them to our senior GS resident (and now surgery department head) and he is quite pleased of the guidelines and with me being interested in it...

basically my question is what is the first step? do i get the approval first of our hosp chief? then present the policy? what equipment are needed first for a basic trauma room? our cases are usually stab wounds, gun shot wounds, lacerations, falls, and ocassionally blunt abd traumas