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I am a mother of 2, in my 30's, and married. I feel like it is my duty to be a wife and mother first. How do people do this? Work, raise children, and get good grades?????

Always just an average student growing up.... Grew up in a small town in southern IL and when I told my parents that I wanted to go to college they laughed and told me to go to work down the street at the factory. Neatless to say, I am not in that small town any more...always wanted to be a nurse but was just an average student. This is scary... I want to be come a nurse but, the road looks long.... 2nd time around I am finding to be very picky on picking the school.....can't find any reputation on CLC and what it is like... The advisor's are not very outgoing and don't really motivate you at all. I know this sounds cheesy but, I am reading a ton on how hard nursing is... So much more to lose at this stage of my life... I don't want to fail... Any advice? :confused:

Advice: Go for your dreams.

If you hit a bump, you can always re-adjust your priorities and keep moving forward. Don't let other people tell you otherwise, and don't be content with where you're at today.

Besides, if you don't pursue your dreams now, you'll still be in the same spot today two-three-four years from now.

Only thing you lose is a bit of hard-work.

You owe it not just to yourself, but to the kids you're raising now. Likewise, your efforts to follow your own dream will be an inspiration to them growing up.

The plus sides are just unlimited. Go visit your local community college or go research for the right private Nursing school and like the Nike commercial, "Just Do It!"


Thank you so much for the kind words! I am enrolled at College of Lake County and will take the CNA course coming up in January... the plan is to start working part time nights as a CNA and school and mom...I have 3 pre req classes... hope to be enrolled in 2012! Can anyone provide feedback of what CLC is like?

You can do it!!!! I would just advise you to start slow.Maybe you can take 2 classes per semester and try to get some of your classes online.I had a few courses online and I would just study while my son studied..we did our homework together..and it was good because we both got 2 hours together studying and I even shared my work with him.I also had some weekend classes when he went to visit Grandma....The crockpot became my Best friend,I learned how to make plenty of 15 min and under meals and we had plenty of taco,salad,or sandwich nights.

I stopped feeling bad if my house was not spotless.I kept the kitchen and bathrooms clean and everything else just had to wait until I had time.My husband and son helped a LOT..Family support is crucial.They both helped more with cooking and extra chores and my son is a EXPERT at doing laundry now.

You will do it hun!! Good luck!

Very good point! Thank you loveblossom! Now I just need your recipes! lol

My kids are a 1 and 3... so unfortunatley they can't study with me but, my oldest will be getting into preschool and she pretends now that she has homework! She can help! :yeah:

Definitly have to start slow because the community college that I am going to is so competitive if I don't have an A or B on the pre req and score high on the NLN, I won't get in! :eek:

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Nursing school sucks, doesn't matter the name on the college door. You just gotta pick one, stick it out, and don't look back. Goal is to pass the NCLEX. Good luck, it can be done.

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