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I am an employer located in Torrace CA (Los Angeles), and am trying to figure out the best way to recruit nurses for a new business. The business is cosmetic laser services, and the jobs include salary and commissions!

What is the best spot for my job listings?

Is the best spot in newspapers classifieds like:

City paper like Los Angeles Times?

Local paper like Daily Breeze?

On big jobsites like:

On nursing websites like:

Journals like:

American Journal of nursing?

Dermatology Nursing Association?

Any help would be appreciated.


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To bad I do not live there, I would talk with you. I am Cali licensed but live far away from there.

I personally like to search the websites for jobs such as Monster and Yahoo jobs. There are many RN sites as well. I also look over the ads in the papers online in that area.

Good luck with your search,



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Nurseweek is your best bet as their circulation list is based on nursing licenses. LA Times is too expensive.

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