How to prepare for night shifts


I'm about to start my new job as a night shift nurse. It's my first job and I'm very worried because I don't know how to get ready to work nights.

Please I take any advice !!

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Most nurses have to work a few nights to get into a routine and find what personally works for them the best. For me, I find that it helps to get a good night's sleep and wake up at a reasonable time in the morning (I don't sleep in) and go about my day like I normally would. Then, around the afternoon I might take a short nap and then eat dinner and head out for my night shift. I'll grab a coffee on my way in.

I think for most people, the hardest part is around 2-3 AM when you're feeling pretty tired...I try to take my lunch break around this time to re-energize and get a second wind. After 4 AM vitals, the rest of the shift seems to go by pretty fast! I dreaded my first few nights I worked starting last summer but now I actually prefer them!