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How to pass Maternal Newborn (OB)?


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Maternal Newborn is the 2nd to last class of my program and I've STRUGGLED through this class. Past classes like Fundamentals, MS1, MS2, Mental Health, Pediatrics (kinda hard but somehow managed and got an A-), were a breeze! Maternal Newborn was warned to be a boring class...it kinda is but kinda isn't?? I thought Pediatrics was its own world but boy was I wrong when I started OB. 

How did you guys pass OB? Any tips? 

*My program requires us to pass the ATI proctored exam at least with a level 1 in order to move to the next class. I'm not worried since the passing score into level one I believe is a 44% or 46% for PN/VN programs (at least in my program it is). 


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