How often are you tested on your skills from clinical?


Hey guys,

i was speaking to a friend a couple days ago and I asked how often she was tested on her actual nursing skills, and she said once only at the bitter end of the semester. I know every school is different so I just wanted an insight on how often every one else is tested? I have heard some say during each clinicals, after every other clinical, etc.

thank you.


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I'd say that's probably program specific. In my program, after we are taught a skill or procedure, it is expected that we practice in the lab. Then there is a due date for being tested on that skill. You must schedule an appointment with an instructor to test off on that skill. This must be done before you are allowed to perform the skill in clinicals.

On the clinical unit, if a skill is available to be performed, you must find a clinical instructor and they will "quiz" you on the procedure before you enter the patient's room. If they don't feel that you are competent to perform the skill, you will not be permitted to do it and are required to retest in the lab. If you are allowed to perform the procedure on the patient and do not make any critical errors, then you are signed off on the procedure and are permitted to do the procedure without an instructor present.

Both the lab testing and clinical observation are very stressful, so I'd check with a current or former student of the program you're looking into for details.