How often do SRNA have to take test?

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Hello current or past SRNAs. I am just curious how often do you guys have tests and what are their formats. Ex: essays, MC. Also in your opinion which of your test do you find to be the most difficult or which cause you the most grief? THanx:)


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Early on, weekly, sometimes more, as the semesters pass, more infrequently, now maybe a couple a semester. Anesthesia tests as the questions tend to be written by non-profession teachers and the answers vary depending on the text you read. For example: Does intubating a patient increase or decrease dead-space? Easy huh? Check Miller and Barash. Both are credible texts.


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oooo. whats the answer, I want to say more but maybe if you consider the diameter of your trachea vs the diameter of the tube it might be the same.


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Alan, he is trying to say that two very respected authors have two equally correct opinions on the answer. You will find that this contradiction of sources will cause much strife amoung your classmates come test time. We have seen the same question on two different tests, with two different right and contradictory answers. You just get used to it, and form your own opinion.

on topic, our school has 2 to three tests per class per semester. None of the weekly testing wintermute describes. Currently I am sitting with 75% of my pharm grade undecided, as we get our second exam in one week. I sometimes wish the tests were more frequent. Oh well. Clinicals are within site.

Its brutal, 50 questions over 1000 pages of reading, makes it hard to pick the wheat from the chaf, especially when you are dealing with a high yeild crop, like anesthesia. i.e. there is very little chaf.

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