How often do LVNs get jobs in pediatrics?

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I am planning on going to school to become LVN. I would like to work in Pediatrics. I have been told that it is hard to get a job in pediatrics as a LVN. I was wondering if anyone could give me more info on this. I am currently living in San Antonio tx. Thanks!


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I am an LVN who works mostly peds cases in home care. If you go into home care you can get lots of work with peds patients.

Thanks! I am just now looking into home care. I have heard more bad than good. What can you tell me about your experiences? What do you like? What do you dislike?


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hello: check out the private duty section of all nurses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should find some help that you are seeking... i have been doing peds private duty home care for 11 years. it is very rewarding, one on one care. you really feel like you make a difference in these childrens lives. you are able to give fabulous care, as you don't have 5 more children waiting for you as well. not for everyone, but just trying to put it out there for you!!!!!! good luck!!!!!!!!!


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I suggest you look at the many threads in the private duty and home health forums and you can read lots of opinions and experiences dealing with home care. The biggest problem really, is that the family and/or the client may decide at some point that they don't want you around any more. They call the agency and say that they don't want you back. Of course, that is their prerogative. What is disgusting is when somebody just doesn't say, well I'm tired of so and so, I'd like to see a new face. Instead some untruth is told to the nursing supervisor, putting the caregiver in a poor light. If there truly is a problem, then the first person who should know about it is the caregiver. Going behind someone's back for any reason is not considerate.

I find shift work to be better than intermittent visits all the way around. You can make a living at it easier. One client, one shift per day, one nurses note. That's it. No driving all over creation and doing tons of paperwork at home on your own time without pay.

As previously stated, you can build some fantastic working relationships with your clients (but you have to watch out and not get enmeshed in their private lives). You get a chance to provide the best care possible for your one patient without being dragged around in all directions with a ton of people to do a million tasks for in each shift. You can spend your time doing good nursing care and will feel good about it.


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There are many programs for LVN to RN. I say this because I work at Dell Children's in Austin and we do not use LVN's in the Hospital setting. Yes you will be able to get work as a home health nurse in peds, but with no other experience you are limited and you will not get paid much. I would highly suggest getting your RN and working at of a hosital such as Dell Or San a Rosa in SA...

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