How does neuromuscular disorders affect oral medication

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Why is it that clients with neuromusuclar disorders should not receive oral medications?:uhoh3:

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What is your esophagus but a series of muscles directed by nerve impulses. I'm thinking dysphagia by reduced swallow reflex. Though I wonder what others have to say.

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Mike, I believe you are right. We wouldn't want them to be at an increased risk for aspiration pnemonia. And if they have had a neuromuscular disorder, this means the muscles are not working as properly. Their respiratory muscles may not be working as well and this can cause them to aspirate or choke. I just know to always check thier gag reflex before adm anything oral

Well it would depend on the type of disorder, and how advanced the disease is. For example Myasthenia Gravis can affect the swallowing ability, so choking could be a hazard in the advanced stages. People with MS can have altered speech, altered swallowing, etc. Or some people you may not even know they have MS unless they tell you, because they appear symptom free. Generally speaking, if your patient has a difficulty swallowing, you'd want to make sure they have a consult with a Speech Therapist, and make sure the physician knowns as well, so that some meds can get changed to IV or other routes.

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