How much do US travel nurses make in Australia?


My wife is currently studying to become a nurse. Recently she came up with this bright idea of moving halfway across the world to work. I however am working to get into a different field. So I'm torn apart here! I would love to visit Australia sometime, but to move there for a year or two just seems a little much, especially since I will be unable to complete my degree until we move back to the States. So I'm just wondering, on average, how much do international travel nurses make in Australia? Is the trip worth it right now considering the boat I'm in? Any help is appreciated, thanks!


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First she needs to register with AHPRA the Australian nursing board if she meets the qualifications.

Then you need to decide on a state as pay varies widely. My state has a lower pay rate but better conditions.

Because there is no nursing shortage anymore in the major cities she will need experience.

Aus does not do massive orientations. I worked bush for 3 months on a rural placement with the agency I worked for. I had 2 shifts of orientation.

Agency nurses in cities make a little more than the regular ward staff. If you are keen to go bush or at least rural there are incentives. The best thing would be to contact a nursing agency regarding them as ny info is 4 years out of date.

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I would recommend your wife get nursing experience before traveling. There's a reason nurses burn out and leave the field during the first year or two. Nursing school is much different from real nursing. It would be easier on her if she gained experience and learned to be a nurse in an environment she's accustomed to. Once her feet are wet, then, you can finish your degree while she's gaining experience. It's also easier to gain employment with experience. Just my two cents worth.