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How much free time do you have in UBC's Nursing?

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Hi guys!

I'm new here and just had a couple questions about UBC's nursing program. Any of you who are in the program--how much free time did you have? If you volunteer at two different places, did you have enough time for those activities or did you have to quit volunteering when school started? I'm going to be taking on one volunteer position that requires a decent amount of time commitment after school and would like to continue my current volunteer shift once-weekly at the hospital. I will not be working during school if indeed I get accepted like I planned (fingers crossed!). Any feedback would be great!



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It really depends on how much time you want/need to devote to studying and how good you are at managing your time! It probably wouldn't be a problem to have one weekly volunteer job. It's important to remember that clinical placements could be either during the daytime or evening, so there's no guarantee that you'll have your evenings free. A clinical placement could also be all the way out in Surrey or Richmond, so you need to factor in transit time. I would personally drop other commitments at first, and then add them in if you find the academic/clinical workload manageable. For what it's worth, I found that I was much busier during UBC Nursing than during my BSc/HKIN undergrad at UBC.

Good luck!


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I had one 1.5 hour per week volunteering job at the hospital while in the program. It was only until the last term of nursing that I dropped it due to the practicum portion. Many people in my class had jobs or volunteering jobs while in the nursing program. It's not like UBC Nursing eats up all of your time...the key is time management.