How Much Do You Make As a Flight Nurse?

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Flight nurse positions are coveted by many, attained by few. So many folks are reluctant to talk clear $$ and cents. Obviously, the local job market for RN's is the starting place. Unless you work for a University-sponsored system or really well known tertiary care facility you can safely figure that the flight nurse will make about 1/3 less than a comparable ED or ICU hospital nurse. That is base salary. Yes flight nursing can usually make up some of the difference with overtime (Why do so many flights come in just before the change of shift...ugggghhh!?)

Obviously, salary is not the upside to most flight programs. The upside is there in autonomy, work fewer shifts/month schedule, lots of additional training opportunities, usually less bull#$!! than hospital nursing.

Like anything, your mileage may vary. You better play well with others, be able to handle some whack hours and fatigue levels, and can cope with a fair amount of situational craziness.