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How much Anatomy and Physiology


At Estrella MCC's NSG program , how much A&P do you have to recall off the top of your head on a daily basis?

I got an A in both A&P's but I don't remember most of it:eek: AM I totally SOL? Can you give me any tips on what sections I should brush up on before I begin? ex...muscles, bones, cells etc

Thank you!:D

Mesa Community College had some older Pathophisiology lectures you could download that I read about on the first Banner Nurse Post. I watched almost all of them and they were REALLY helpful in recalling much of the A&P we have used so far in Block 1. It is a really good brush up if you have several hours to download them all and take the 16 hours to watch them...I did 1-2 day for a couple weeks before the first day of class.

Here is the link to the post