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How to market self in a return to work?

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Hello all. I am returning to nursing after 4 years off to have children and finish my BSN.

I graduated with an ASN in 2011 and worked as an LTAC RN for a meager 8 months before quitting when my first child was born. I found I just couldn't juggle full time nights and a newborn. (I commend those of you who can! I know there are many!) I did get a good introduction to nursing, as my facility took really medically complex patients and I was able to do things such as NG tubes, G/J tubes, Vents, tele,wound vacs even LVADS.

I returned to BSN school in 2013 and graduated last December. My university hired me to teach in the nursing sim lab, and I did that for one semester before having another child and moving out of state.

I am now ready for full time work, but worry about how my lack of work experience comes off. If any of you have experience as either hiring managers or a return to work with little experience, I would appreciate your feedback. Is there a type of nursing that would be more likely to hire me, or a way to market myself that would increase my chances of hire? I made sure to get BLS/ACLS certified, as I know that is sort of a baseline certification for hire. I would prefer not to work LTAC as so many facilities are closing, and truth be told, I found it to be a rather depressing grind. Thanks for your time and input!

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I would suggest looking for a teaching hospital, as I feel they would be a little more forgiving/understanding of your situation and the need for reorientation to the healthcare environment. Also, consider obtaining a letter of recommendation from the two former employers.

Gotta be honest, though. Eight months of experience in 5 years makes for a rocky road ahead because there are ASN and BSN new grads that are fresh out of clinicals with recent skills competencies. Of course, you already know this.

Good luck!

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Maybe do something like ACLS/pals, etc, depending on what type of unit you work on. And/or some courses/certifications/workshops etc on relevant topics. I wouldn't think it would be too much of an issue, lots of people have babies. It's not like you had time off work due to med errors or something. Good luck!

*edit* Sorry guess I missed the 8 months of experience in 5 years as I was skimming a little lol. So yes, I can see your concern. Still the only advice I could have would remain what I said above! :)

Thank you both for the input. I am aware that I may have a challenge ahead of me in terms of getting hired. I have done the ACLS certification, and will certainly look into others that may make me more marketable. I don't have any teaching hospitals in my vicinity, but am willing to look at positions outside of the hospital setting. Wish me luck!


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