How many of you work at Mayo? Thoughts?

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How many of you work at Mayo? Whether you are a new grad or a seasoned nurse? What do you think? Are they a good employer? Good ratios? I'm thinking of working there when I move in the next 2 or 3 years. I have got 13 years in the acute care setting and I've been in Neuro however, I've done all specialties. I'm hoping that I would at least start at $35 however, I've heard that that's a reasonable expectation. Any thoughts or opinions would be great.

I love working at Mayo definitely the best place to work in the Valley.

Thank you for replying. I feel like this whole website is pretty dead. I've noticed that some current threads are like years old. Do you know of any other website that's like this one where I could also speak with other nurses?

I'm also looking to relocate there in the next 2 years and Im looking for a great hospital. 9 years of critical care experience with some leadership responsibilities. I'd love any other input from current nurses in the area!

Hi! I started as a new grad and worked at Mayo for four years until I moved away. My husband (who also worked there) and I agree that Mayo is the best. The ratios are great: 1:2 or 1:1 (sometimes 2:1) in the ICU and Intermediate, 1:3-4 in Cardiac Progressive, and 1:4 everywhere else, from what I remember. It may have been possible to have 5 patients at night on a med/surg/tele floor, but I think it was an exception rather than a rule. People really care about the patients and put them first. You see a lot of really interesting patients, diagnoses, and surgeries. Their minimum pay rate for RNs right now is $35.41(per their job postings), so I would imagine you could earn quite a bit more with 13 years of experience. We left AZ because the heat sucks, but have recently started discussing coming back just to work for Mayo again, it's that great of a place. Good luck with your search!

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I worked for Mayo in Minnesota, and it was amazing. Truly patient-centered, and fantastic pay. Last I knew there was a pension as well as matching contributions to 403B. Also, all the professional development you need, for free.

I am interviewing soon for a Mayo position in Scottsdale. Fingers crossed!

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