How many times can you take the TEAS V?

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i've posted a question about the teas v exam before saying that i didn't pass the teas v.. so i was wondering.. does it count if you take the test at a diffrent school? i want to study at saint peter's college in new jersey. i took the exam at another institution, i spoke with the admissions office at saint peter's and they told me that i can take the exam at any other testing site that i like. the thing is, i took the teas at another institution and i didn't pass it. i registered to take the teas next month at saint peter's college. nevertheless, i want to register to retake the exam tomorrow or next friday at the other institution to see if i can pass it and therefore, i wouldn't have to wait until next month. saint peter's college only allows you to take the exam twice. does it count if i took it at another location site? i know it's a lot of reading.. but i'm sorry i really need to know, it's so confusing.

Look at your TEAS transcript, there is a section where it says "Attempt". Regardless of where you take it, ATI will keep track of the total times you've taken the exam all together. So if you take it at one school, then again at another. Your transcript will say Attempt: 2 of 2.

Does your school have a 2 exam policy in total (regardless of location)? Or that you can only take it 2 times at THEIR school? There's a big difference. You'll have to find out directly from them on their specific policy.

It depends on the school in which you intend to apply.

Okay, I will call them regarding the exam policy. Thank you guys. I really appreciate it.

Hi I know this is an old post but did you end up going to saint peters . I'm taking the teas now. I need a 78 or Better

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