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Hello, I am currently on a telemetry unit. Have been a nurse for about a year and a half on tele. Really wanting to do home health because I am a single mom and need to be with my kids when they are not in school to help with homework and sick of being tired all the time with working nights. My question is how many patients per week is considered full time? I am going to be moving to Chicago soon and I know that HH pays 50 per patient. Would 25 patients per week be too much to handle? Would home health work for a single mom? Thanks

I do extended care and try to get 40 hours with the same patient on an ongoing basis. This is not always possible, two or three different patients to make up 40 hours is the norm. For visit work, each agency sets their productivity goals, 6 to 7 patient visits a day is common, less if doing an admit.

25 is definitely reasonable in my opinion! I've been doing home health for several years now and can see 5 patients in about 5 hours, maybe less. Granted, I only drive a few miles between patients. Remember though, an admission is usually considered 2 visits (but pays more) and where I work, an ROC or recert is 1.5 visits. Hope this helps...good luck on your new adventure!

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5 visits a day is way more than's delightful! We've been running shortstaffed and have been doing atleast 7 a day (or equivalent of). Alot depends on the agency - how flexible they are for a single mom. Overall, it's good. You can start at home if you need - some girls put their kids on the bus before seeing patients. You can take them to dr appts and see your patients around that. So, yes, can be alot of flexibility. Need to find out about any on-call requirements as well. There is alot of charting to do though, so be prepared to do some of your own "homework" along with your kids. Though if you are organized and good with time management, and you learn to do as much charting in patient home as possible, you will not have an overwhelming amount to do at home (most of the time) -definitely takes discipline and practice. Good luck to you. I personally love it :)

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