How many OB nurses are certified by NCC

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I just took the Ncc test and was wondering how many staff nurses are:

Certified on your unit?

How many years of OB experience they have?

How many times did they have to take the test?

... it was the paper test and I don't find out if I passed for 6 WEEKS!

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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We have a big group of nurses in my unit taking the test this year. Most of them have 2-5 years of OB experience. I thought about taking it, but I'm a little overwhelmed with starting a new job and graduate school, so I think I might put it off until 2011. If/when I do take it, it will be the online version.

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I have my RNC through the NCC for low risk neonatal nursing. There is about 25% of our unit that is certified. You must have 2 years experience to be able to sit for the exam--we average between 6 and 20 years.

I took the test on the computer at a test center. It was 50 dollars more to do it on the computer, but to me it was worth it because I got my pass results that day. The whole wait six weeks thing would have been too much for me. LOL

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Congrats! One of our nursery nurses took it and said it was really tough. Did you study on your own?

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I studied on my own. The test was HARD, so I was even happier that I paid that extra 50 bucks. LOL

It was funny-it had to be taken in a special testing center, so I thought it would be a center like when I took my boards. It was actually in the back room of an H&R Block. LOL. There were only 5 other people testing with me.

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So you passed? How about on your unit, how many girls are certified? We are the first group taking it on our unit. Did you take the inpt ob?

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I have my RNC-OB, and am the only one in our facility. I studied on my own, and did some online learning. I took the test over a year ago on computer and passed the first time. I have been an OB nurse (L&D, Postpartum, and Nursery) for 4 years.

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Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment!

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Yes waiting the six weeks is TERRIBLE!! lol

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I think I've decided that I'm not going to get it. I was somewhat convinced to go for it because a bunch of coworkers were doing it (they did the written). But there is no financial incentive at my job for having it, I don't feel like I need the extra letter in order to feel good about my skill level at work, and I'm in school to get my master's degree in midwifery anyway, and that to me is a greater accomplishment, and where my focus needs to lie right now.

So long story short, nope, I'm not an RNC and probably never will be.

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