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How many needles have you given at one visit? How to make it more tolerable for a patient?

by Csd735 Csd735 (New) New Nurse

I’m fairly new to nursing and am in a family practice. I had a patient today (first time in our clinic) who was behind on immunizations and the doctor ordered Tdap, HPV, Varicella booster, Menactra, Hep A, and a Flu shot. The poor kid also had to get a Tb test and routine blood work. I felt awful having to stick her 8 times but the parents and doctor were on board with it and she took it fairly well at the beginning (drew blood, then tb, and then the injections) but was in tears by the end. I just told her I was so sorry and I knew it wasn’t fun but that she did a fantastic job. 

Just wondering if anyone else has encountered a situation like this and any advice to make it easier when/if I have to do this again.

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In my experience distraction and ice cream work wonders. I am somewhat chagrined to say that I was that mom who got behind on vaccines. There were a lot of factors involved and it all worked out in the end but while there was no excuse it happened. So I take my then 6 y/o to the doctor for a school physical and am told he is behind on his shots  and he will have to have 7 injections to bring him up to date. My son (18 Y/O and man grown) has always been a trooper but he was scared and didn't want the shots. The CNA who came in to give the shots was great. There was a walpaper border on the wall with all kinds of animals and she asked my son what his favorite animal was. He indicated Dogs were his favorite so shew instructed him to count outloud all the dogs he could find in the border. As he was counting she gave shot after shot until it was done. He got 4 in one arm and 3 in the other. When it was over she handed use two coupons to go get ice cream.