How many of you are depressed?

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It's almost over, stick with it. I'm sure all of us thought of quitting at one time or another, and then you blink and it's over and you're a nurse.

I went to school with a girl who had three small ones and had decided to divorce her abusive husband. Within the same time frame, she realized she was pregnant with her fourth. She stayed in school, kept the baby, and continued with the divorce proceedings. With help from family and friends, she graduated and is now working as an RN and supporting her family.

It's obvious there is disparity in your marriage when it comes to your son's school-work. If your husband isn't willing to pitch into this effort himself by perhaps cutting his own work hours to counsel HIS son, it presents an even bigger problem which makes YOUR completing your studies all the more important -- besides, the sacrifices at present will be justified later when you are both making good money.

Seek out resources from family and community. You'll get through.

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