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How many committees do you serve on?


I was counting up my committee memberships yesterday (in my free time :lol2:) and realized I am on 10 work-related committees which actually meet on a fairly regular basis. This is not counting serving on boards/committees outside the college. So, how about the rest of you?

classicdame, MSN, EdD

Specializes in Hospital Education Coordinator.

I work in a hospital as staff developer. ALL staff, not just nursing. I am on 6 committees plus on the advisory council for two high schools and four colleges. I also am involved with Junior Achievement and the state workforce council (unemployment office). And I am on a nursing committe on the state level. Educators have to be informed and be allowed input. Otherwise people end up planning things that I simply cannot produce.

bellehill, RN

Specializes in Neuro Critical Care. Has 9 years experience.

I am on 8 committees plus teaching classes to our med-surg nurses, CC nurses and EMS occassionally. Plus, I am supposed to do bedside hours each week to stay clinical. Sometimes I feel like I am being pulled in a million different directions but what is really frustrating is that I start to focus on issues outside my department. I've been in the Clinical Nurse Educator role since May and I have had to pull myself back in twice and I also started sharing some of my responsibilities with other educators who were not on so many committees.

My problem is being able to say 'no' but I am working on it! I think the most important thing you can do is make sure that whatever you are working on is going to benefit your staff and department, then work on the rest of it.