How to manage 2 CNA Jobs?


Hello my name is Elizabeth & Ive been working as a CNA for about a year. I currently work at a 45 Bed LTC facility NOC full time with paid lunch. I want to expand my experience by working at other facilities in my area, but dont want to give up my full time job because its down the street where I live. I just got a job at another facility 2 cities away from me, but its PM per diem & its about the same money. Im nervous if this is the right move for me. Has anyone else worked full time & per diem at the same time? Is it more money and better experience or am I wasting my time? I live in California BTW.

Has 33 years experience.

I worked as a staff nurse in one facility and agency PRN. I did this for awhile to earn some extra money and I wanted to see how the agency work was etc. It was good for me for awhile and then the agency would call me all the time for PRN work at various facilities. I ended up resigning from the agency due to them calling way more than what I wanted to work. The hospitals were located close together and that did help. It is really up to you, do you have other responsiblities, children, etc. that would need extra time in child care?? Make sure your is current, you do not know what you are walking into as a per diem nurse. Are you willing to be floated throughout the facility??