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How to look for a nursing position (not new grad)


Hi there!

I dont have an experience to search for a nursing job, that is why I started this topic. I am a new nurse, with 2 years of experience after graduation. Two years ago I was so lucky and grateful to get this position where I am currently employed. But I do not have an experience of job hunt. At that time I was looking for a new grad position and got 2 offers from which I chose one.

I liked it and I really learned a lot. I still like it but my personal situation changed. Work environment is changing too (not to the best). Thus, I want to search for a "better" job. I mean, I am looking for a job close to my house with more convenient schedule (I am a single mom with 2 kids under 3). Not necessary hospital job, it might be office, outpatient, one day stay. Salary and benefits are secondary at this time, although they are also important. I need something with better schedule for a working mom with young kids. I do not want to relocate or go far, right now I spend about 1 hour for commute.

But I do not know how to start job search. Hospitals' websites with job openings? Where else?

I would be very grateful for any recommendations and advice.

P.S. I would rather stay where I am now if I do not find anything better. But I want to try.

Are you open to working in home health or a long term care? Many of those places offer what they call Baylor Plans or Weekend Only Shifts. You work 16 hours Saturday and Sunday, but you are considered full time with benefits. It would enable you to spend the weekdays with your kids.

As for where to search for jobs, I use CareerBuilder.com and Monster.com. The State Of Florida's employment website, PeopleFirst.MyFlorida.com is also a good resource. Another thing to consider is looking at the various State Universities websites. Student Health Centers and other college-related clinics often have openings that aren't posted elsewhere. I've also applied at a few places that still take paper applications only (nursing homes, doctor's offices, and a small psych hospital), so I'd also suggest getting a bunch of resumes and knocking on doors. Good Luck!