How long did you wait to find out your NCLEX results?

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Hi everyone,

I just took my NCLEX exam yesterday morning. I have applied to get my license in Illinois. Many people I have talked to have taken their exams and found out if they passed the next afternoon. I was wondering how long it took to get your results when you applied for licensure in Illinois. Maybe Illinois just takes longer?? Any information will help decrease my stress! :specs:


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It took my NCLEX on a Saturday and found out the following it took 48 hours. All of my classmates i have stated it has taken 48 hours for them too to get quickresults from Pearsonvue. Hope that helps!


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yes you can get your results after 48 hours thru the Pearson Vue quick results by paying the fee.

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48 hours....and I had my mother (retired RN) call in to get my results because I was too emotional to do it myself (what a whimp, eh?)

Needless to say.....I passed on the first try! It was over 8 years ago, but I can remember that feeling like it was yesterday!


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I found out 28 hours after my test appointment time by checking my application status and grade at Continental Testing's site...and the best part was, it was free.

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