How long did it take for you to get a response after Public Health interview?


I interviewed 2 weeks ago for a Public Health position and am still awaiting word. They told me it was a long process with the county and it could take a few weeks. How long did you wait? I am praying I get an offer......

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I applied for a county PHN position in early January, interviewed in March and was rejected in April due to lack of experience (new RN-BSN grad), about a six week wait before I got the letter. I just received a call yesterday asking if I would still be interested in the position!!! Oh heck yeah! Government processes at snail speed I guess. Maybe they hired someone that eventually didn't work out.

After my interview, I made sure to email each of the three interviewers, thanking them and re-emphasizing my qualities and desire for the position. Maybe that left a positive impression for them to reconsider another interview 5 months later, who knows?

I've been reading your thread, gleaning more information to use on my next interview with them. I hope that you will be hired, sending positive thoughts your way!

I would love to have more advice that might benefit me for my next interview from you or any other AN reader...thank you!


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Well they did tell me that I would receive an email from management if I did not get the position and a phone call from HR if I was selected. No email yet and it has been a little over 2 weeks, so I am hoping & praying that this is a good sign. :nailbiting: wow seems like all county/state offices do indeed work at a snail's pace! My nerves may be fried by the time I hear haha!

I also sent thank yous to my interview panel! Always a smart move. Always make sure you ask about length of orientation, how many nurses/staff you would be working with, benefits. I always like to ask my interviewers "What makes you enjoy working in this position?" They always seem to enjoy answering! :) I have worked in Public Health before and thoroughly enjoyed it! I would give my left arm for this immunizations position!

When will you be interviewing? Good Luck to you too! Keep me informed. And thank you for the kind wishes, I hope I am selected!


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it varies. one job I applied took over 1 month to schedule an interview and another 3 weeks to get back to me. The job I have right now took one week to interview me and another week to offer me the job. so it just depends. Did you get the job?